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St. Trinity Church


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The church is built according to the Neo-romantic style and rectangular plan. It has two towers and semicircular apse. There is a brick belfry of the XIX cent. In the churchyard. Fence of the churchyard is made of stone brick.

In 1572 council of the city has been obliged to build a new Catholic church in the privilege of Skuodas. The old church has had to be reserved. The new church has been built by the voivode of Vilnius Karolis Katkevičius in 1614. In 1725 duke Kazimieras Sapiega has built a new church, consecrated by the bishop Antanas Domininkas Tiškevičius. It has burned down during the city fire in 1835. Current Roman Catholic Church was built by the effort and concern of Tomas Sudimtas in 1847 – 1844. It has been consecrated by the bishop Motiejus Valančius in 1850. In 1891 – 1896 three bells have been casted from the fund of the farmers of the village of Luknės Kazimieras Dirkščys, Motiejus Gairdžiūnas and Juozapas Paulauskas. The bells are very beautiful, authentic, with pictures, ornamental straps and original inscriptions.
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