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Educational program "Žemaitiškas patalkis"

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Come to us at Patalkis! Patalkis - work finishing in the countryside (end of work feast). In the past, man could not do all the work alone, that's why he had to ask someone for help. Some of them picked straws, others harvested potatoes, while others carried bags. After work they were invited to the end of work feast, which were called the "Patalkis". Everyone was working for a farm owner who made a beer into a " verpelė" (a special barrel made of oak boards, with a wooden stopper on the top) and prepared the food. According to tradition, the first thing you had to do was to do all the work, only then you could have fun. An exclusive offer for you - because of the hospitality of the farmer's wife's you will be able to sit right at the dining table. You will taste special dishes prepared for the "patalkis".
The program is not only for those who want to socialize but also for those who want to participate in Samogitian food tasting. You can choose what you plan to taste from the list of dishes. Farmer's wife certainly will not leave any indifferent and with an empty stomach. You will be introduced about served dishes, the specifics of their preparation, traditions and customs. A great opportunity to dive into the old times by "pakaštavojant" (tasting) a piece of Our Land.
Up to 50 people can be serviced. The price of the program is negotiable, the price depends on the group of people also on the chosen dishes. For information, please contact the Skuodas Information Center by email - [email protected] or by telephone - +37061826628.