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Tundra of Šaukliai


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Tundra of Šaukliai is one of the largest clusters of boulders in Lithuania which belongs to the landscape reserve of Šaukliai of an area of 82 hectares. It stands out for unusual for our region a unique landscape reminiscent of the tundra. Among the boulders grow especially thick, high junipers of various forms, reaching 6 m and creating continuous expansions. Somewhere on a wet meadow rare plants bloom, listed in the Red Book of Lithuania. Accumulation of boulders has wide variety of rare animals (Grey toad, Slow worms, the Scarce Heath butterfly, grouse, grey shrikes, etc.). In the tundra lives really exotic-looking mountain rams (14 females and 4 males), known as mouflons. It is the largest herd of mouflons in Lithuania living in the enclosure, in the wild. Those who wish to familiarize themselves with unusual for our region, primitive, reminiscent of the tundra landscape and peculiar local flora and fauna can travel through the cluster of boulders between junipers on the exploratory serpentine path for about 2 km.
You can find the virtual tour: here