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Truikinai spring


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Truikinių spring is located in Trukinių village, Skuodas district. There is an information sign by the main road to Skuodas- Mažeikiai. GPS coordinates N 5616.523, E 02140.175. Going even further, the spring is hidden between two steep slopes in a ravine, surrounded by trees. In this huge 5-6 meters diameter ravine there is actually two sources, one is yellowish brown, another is brightly grey, colours differ because of the sand laying in the bottom. Grey source, so called the“eye”, is about approx 1.5 meters in width, the brown one is twice as big. Bottom of the basin is solid, water clean and cool.
   Specialists in land-reclamation in order to dry surrounding fields dumped gravel in to the spring, luckily it survived and still manages to deliver joy. The school of Aleksandrija has a lovely tradition that every year their students spend their last day of the academic year by the spring. Source of Truikiniai is declared as hydrological monument of nature, hydrogeological object and it is included in the list of state- protected objects of natural heritage.
You can find the virtual tour: here