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Museum of Skuodas - a cultural institution serving the public and reflecting the evolution of its history. The main activity of the museum is to accumulate, protect, exhibit and popularize material, spiritual cultural and historical values and natural objects also to represent the Curonian and western Samogitian culture. The museum holds 18,916 exhibits of the main and auxiliary fund, which are included in collections of archeology, history, ethnography, architecture, numismatics, folk art, and nature. All exhibits were donated by people of the region of Skuodas or were collected during expeditions, outings, campaigns, and just a small part were bought. After renovation and modernization, the museum opens updated exhibitions of history and ethnography, folk art, sports, exhibition halls and repositories of exhibit funds.

The museum has 4 permanent exhibitions: "History of Skuodas city formation", “Old rural crafts of Skuodas region and women's works in Samogitian house", "History of sports activities in Skuodas district", "History of folk art in Skuodas region". There is an information terminal "Apuolė - Curonian Land Center" in the museum's historical exposition. Interactively you can get acquainted with the oldest settlement of Lithuania Apuolė mound, with Curonian life, Viking armament, clothing, ships and fighting methods.