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S. Daukantas barn


S. Daukantas garner is located in Kalviai village. Kalviai is a birthplace of S. Daukantas. In 1793 in this village was born the famous historian, educator, collector of folklore Simonas Daukantas. To the present day the only building – the garner of the former estate of parents of S. Daukantas remained. In 1981 the garner was reinforced with new beams, it has a new thatched roof. It is equipped with a memorial exhibition of S. Daukantas occupying 4 rooms. In the main room of renovated garner the life, creativity of historian and writer are elucidated and memory is stored. The work and household tools previously used in the vicinity of Lenkimai are in another room. The third room of garner is assigned to the memory of Jurgis Pabrėža – Lithuanian naturalist, educator and founder of the Lithuanian botanical terminology. In the fourth room, which can be reached from the northern end of the garner, is equipped with farmhand site. Garner where S. Daukantas lived during the holiday is equipped in accordance with the peasant way of life of the time.

In order to visit the garners inside exhibition please call the following number +370 687 14113, visit is free of charge.
You can find the virtual tour: here