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Monument to J. Chodkevičius


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In 2003 a monument to the founder of the City of Skuodas J. Chodkevičius has been built next to the administration building of Municipality, which is located in Skuodas city, Vilniaus str. 13. Author of the sculpture – Marius Grušas, architect – Adomas Skiezgelas
    In historical literature it is claimed that in Grūstė district Jonas J. Chodkevičius founded a city and called it by his early family name – Bareikiai (Borejkowo). There was an inventory made in 1568, it declared that in the city there were 93 sites with houses, a church, a market, six streets. City also had cultivable land which was bordering with Ylakiai village territory. It is believed that Bareikiai were burnt by Swedes in XVII century. In early XIX-XX century there was an attempt to locate the city to southwest side nearer Arkšvos hill. These lands in which J. Chodkevičius founded the city were given to him by his merits. J. Chodkevičius used his new land and founded another city – Johansburgas (used his own name for the city). This city was populated by German craftsman and tradesman. In 1572 they even got their rights to establish marketplaces and fairs.
   When growing up Jonas Jeronimas Chodkevičius became an evangelic and actively supported reformation movement. In Skuodas city built Evangelic Lutheran church and in 1570-1572 embraced to Catholicism.